Available Monday - Friday

7am-11am, sold to-go

Vegetarian Breakfast Burrito - eggs, tater tots, green chile, red chile, cheese, beans, flour tortilla

Breakfast Burrito with Meat - same as vegetarian, plus bacon of the day.

Side of Red or Green Chile -  or smother your burrito

Ozo Coffee

Mexican Style Hot Chocolate

Bizcochitos - New Mexican-style anise cookies

Banana-Walnut bread mini loaf


Group Breakfast Options

Our breakfast burritos are fantastic for office meetings and morning group gatherings of any kind.  If you would like to place an order, please note the following:
 - We kindly request 48 hours notice for all burrito orders of more than 12
 - Pick-ups available from 7:30 - 11 am
 - In-town delivery fee is $15. (Fee is subject to change based on actual delivery location.)

- Orders are subject to a 10% administration fee
- Email Max for more info: